Jelena Fuzinato



2014| mixed media installation

Showroom is experimental room for the decentralised museum. It was exhibited as a model of a room showing the possibilities of such space where people come to work and think together. It was exhibited in the gallery space where the visitors were able to inform and apply for the project that letter became “Museum Bernau Süd”.

This installation was a beginning of a series of artistic actions that were carried out in the summer of 2014. in Bernau. The room is at the same time a place to meet and make the objects, drawings, videos… and the place to exhibit everything that was made in the process. The room promotes the idea of decentralised museums and invites the people to take part in creating the concept for the project. In the Showroom the series of artistic interventions were drafted. The project intended to explore social and cultural heritage. It examines the importance and handling of subjective social and cultural heritage in new ways.