Jelena Fuzinato


Self Reflexive Rotunda

2015 | sculpture

SELF REFLEXIVE ROTUNDA is a sculpture made for the mediation purposes in Altes Museum in Berlin. The piece is made out of light material, and it mimics the famous rotunda in Altes museum designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. The sculpture is meant to be looked through from inside where one can see the constructed reflection of the rotundas structure, but also the pieces of the architecture surrounding the viewer. It is meant to be used by one individual, one visitor of the museum, to be carried around and looked through as a sort of self navigated guide through the rotunda.

The questions and ideas inscribed in the core of the work is the one concerning the ability of the museum to be able to look at is self reflexively, to pose questions about its own roots, to dissect its own structure and to be able to present its own uncertainty, venerability and inaccuracy which is strongly grounded in the origins of museology.

Copyright: Staatliche Museen zu Berlin / Bild: Valerie Schmidt, 2015.