Jelena Fuzinato


Observations From a Safe Distance

2016| drawing series/installation

OBSERVATIONS FROM THE SAFE DISTANCE is series of ever growing graphite drawings that addresses the themes of memory and episodic events coupled with observations of humans, nature and objects. The figurative work on paper confronts subjects that are in a process of becoming… a thought, an idea, a sculpture, a transformation or an action.

The works are based on larger quantities of information distilled into a fragmented visual narrative of influential images, previously visited locations and events. Sketches and drawings act as a map, helping to navigate the sediments of personal and collective memories.

Calling back information retained from the past creates an aura of indeterminate time, enabling the idea of the event to prevail over its factual depiction. Using drawing in this way prepares a new place to enact and shape past events into new futures. However, by choosing the medium of drawing, I am evoking the trouble that comes with attempting to fix the known and the uncertain of the world in which we live. Each action remains in the realm of thought… until further notice there is no safe distance.