Jelena Fuzinato

03. December 2016. – 06. January 2017.
Einen Raum betreten // To Enter A Space // curated by Sandra Lippert

An installation by Jelena Fuzinato


Exhibition 3rd Dez. – 6th Jan.
Opening 3rd Dez. 7:00 pm
Artist Talk 13th Dez. 7:00 pm

ORi – Forum künstliche Bildmedien

Friedelstraße 8, 12047 Berlin



05 - 13 Dezember
Leopardisointing / Berlin Helsinki Entanglements

Collective show From and with Martin Binder, Suvi Ermilä, Pia Euro, Jelena Fuzinato, Tanja Koponen, Jaakko Leeve, Maria Mastola, Zofia Nierodzinska, Niko Nurmi, Teresa Reichert


Opening hours: 5. — 13.12. 12 — 18h

Vernissage: 4.12. 18h


Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin



Leopardisointing Invitation



Leopardisointing (verb) /ˈlɛpərdiːzɔɪntɪŋ/: The act of examining the space between the spots in order to find the behavioural patterns that jeopardise free movement, space, thought and speech. Collaborating in black and yellow and all shades in between by bridging the gap in virtual conversation. Even though endangered by the unknown, untold stories develop through the shaping of the non-spot.