Jelena Fuzinato

3c_Inside of The Para-Site(2), site-specific instalacija u prostoru (detalj) , Berlin 2015

Inside of the Para-Site

2015 | site specific installation

Inside of the Para-Site is site specific sculpture made out of cardboard. It was made as a part of a theoretical and practical research about alternative museums and museum as artistic format. This piece is a large cardboard sculpture that was built inside my apartment in Berlin. The sculpture is a copy of the facade of my parents house, and a previous project that I made in 2009 (please take a look at the project Muzej umjetnosti Pnjavor) The sculpture takes over the whole apartment, and makes the movement through the space difficult. This occupation of my apartment took place for two months (between September and November 2015). During that period the apartment was a place of coming together, thinking,  talking and writing about the representational policies of European museums. The sculpture was destroyed in that process, and out of its peaces new sculptures, and models of the spaces were made. Some of them are show in the work called Collection/ Five Prototypes.

Photo credits: Sophia Helena Galambach, Dario Fuzinato

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