Jelena Fuzinato

Jelena Fužinato works in installation, film, sculpture and drawing employing a range of activity, media and methods. Following the problematics of the institutional context she works with a format of museum and archive in order to create off-archives and para-museums. The works and methods that are chosen are often contraposition from the central narratives and often talk about marginal social positions of things and beings. Her practice is based on questions about the cultural heritage, politics and production of knowledge and education. The projects are often long-lasting and multimedia projects with a complex outcome which encourage viewers to consider power mechanisms inscribed in displayed images of our cultrues.

Solo exhibitions:

  • 2016-17 “Einen Raum betreten // To Enter A Space”, curated by Sandra Lippert, ORi Projektraum, Berlin;
  • 2016 "Observations from the safe distance", works on paper, subjectobject gallery, Berlin;
  • 2015 "Inside of the Para-Site", opening of the Para-Museum, Berlin;
  • 2013 "Može li žena stvoriti veliko djelo? Workshop/Exhibition/Panel Discussion" The GRAD European Centre for Culture and Debate, Belgrade;
  • 2013 "Gozba za veliko delo" performance exhibition, Cultural Centre Požega;
  • 2012 "Može li žena stvoriti veliko djelo?", Cultural Centre Čacak;
  • 2012 "Art Group Rouge", Gallery of Contemporary Art Niš;
  • 2012 "Muzej",Cultural Centre Ribnica, Kraljevo;
  • 2012 "Može li žena stvoriti veliko djelo?", Magacin 8, exhibition and performance, Belgrade;
  • 2012 "Necessity of Unnecessary ", Gallery of Contemporary Art Smederevo, Smederevo;
  • 2011 "Priče", Cultural Centre of Novi Sad;
  • 2011 "Grupa Rouge" Gallery Dvorište, Pančevo;
  • 2010 "Svesna" Gallery of Contemporary Art Zrenjanin;
  • 2009 "Kade", Gallery Podrum, Novi Sad;

Awards and prises:

  • 2016 Nominee for Zvono Young Visual Artist Award, Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Art
  • 2006 Honored by the Academy of Arts Banja Luka for painting, drawing and graphics;
  • 2005 Award of the Academy of Arts Banja Luka for painting technology;
  • 2004 Honored by the Academy of Arts Banja Luka for drawing;

Selected collective exhibitions:

  • 2016 "Young Visual Artist Award ZVONO", Sarajevo Center for Contemporary art in gallery Duplex100m2;
  • 2015 "Leopardisointing", ACUD MACHT NEU, Berlin
  • 2015 "Für Garderobe wird nicht gehatet"/Widerständiges in Mode und Produktion/ecm - angewandte Kunst Wien,Innovation Laboratory (AIL), Vienna;
  • 2015 "Die Stadt gehört wieder mir", Curator Dora Da Costa, Vienna;
  • 2015 Positions, represented by gallery subject|object, Berlin;
  • 2014 "The Museum of Excluded Contents", International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg;
  • 2014 "KONTEXT LABOR BERNAU", Galerie Bernau, Bernau bei Berlin;
  • 2013 "Teško je biti u ... vremenu, prostor mikronarativa", 47 Belef 13, International theater and dance festival BELEF, Belgrade;
  • 2013 "Junge Kunst macht Schule", gallery subjectobject, Berlin;
  • 2012. "Culturia- Artist in residence exhibition", Jao Cocetau, Berlin;
  • 2011. "Hram, knjiga, mapa", Big Balkan Show biennial, Gallery Risim, Cultural centre Čačak, Historical Museum, Čačak, Serbia;
  • 2011. "Pogledi", collective show of contemporary art in Serbia, Gallery 73, Belgrade
  • 2008. "Real Presence", International exhibition for Young Artists , Belgrade
  • 2008. "Drawing exhibition"Goethe institut, Belgrade
  • 2008. "Progresivne nade 3", happening exhibition Gallery HaosnKA/MKM , Belgrade
  • 2005. "Balkan Art Project", painting exhibition, Turin