Jelena Fuzinato

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2018-19 | site-specific interactive sculpture | marble, graphite

How can a familiar subject be altered?

How can a gathering of singularities be reimagined?

How can a familiar story be told differently?

The making of this piece was a long process that started with a drawing session. Those were a series of exercises that I call interrogative drawing where everything that was said and done was transformed into images.
Later on, I engraved those images in the marble plate, and the marble became the place where one comes to make an art print, using a technique of frottage.
The use of this material is justified by the same materials used in the building, but also because of the opulence of the matter that carries the meaning of the work.
I started with an open question, following the lead of the participants of the project. The subject that came up in every conversation was the notion of housing becoming more and more luxury goods. This question gave a tone to all stories. The stories of girls who like dolphins and horses, the story of the woman who grows tomatoes on the balcony, the story of a soldier without uniform, predictions of the future of this building, the stories of wall rabbits and different gatherings, the violence, rage, and disconnection.
All these stories are reflecting the values that coexist on this complex site. Bringing them all together makes the chaotic interconnected large picture. Seen from a factual perspective, the place with its historical condition, the policy decision made by the city and the community impact is a fatal combination in becoming what it is now.
The name of this work comes from the calculation based on the prediction about the future prices of the living space in this building. The whole process was about diverting attention from the spoken word and well-defined meanings to try reinventing the connection between visitors.
The work demands action in order to be seen.


Video documentation here >

Created by artist Jelena Fuzinato together with the group of people living in and around Sebastianstrße 87
Curated by Siglinde Lang
Commissioned by HaMa Berlin Realitäten GmbH & Co Sebastianstr. 87

Project assistants: Mila Panic, Rosanna Lovell

Foto credits: Philipp Külke

Video credits: Nicolas Buenaventura